Ancestral:Individual Details

Individual details provide multiple pieces of information about an individual that can be expanded as needed, including

Here you can see and edit an individuals names, their immediate relatives (parents, spouses and children), any recorded events, as well as sources notes and general attributes.

Most blocks have a ‘+’ indicator to add an additional entry, and allow for selection of an entry and then using the ‘-‘ button to remove the selection.

For parents swipe left on a parent to remove the relationship (it won’t remove the individuals, just their relationship).

For entries in families, swiping left on a spouse will allow for adding children or removing the spouse (again not removing the individual, just the relationship), and swiping left on a child removes the relationship between the child and the family (the individual is not removed but the relation between the child and both parents are removed).

In addition to viewing and changing details, an individual can also have any number of media items as well. Similar to details, media can be added or removed (after selecting), and drag and drop into and out of Ancestral is also provided.

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