There are multiple types of accounts available, such as Bank or Credit Card accounts.

Bank Accounts

Bank accounts are commonly Checking or Savings accounts (there is no distinction in Bankn). When a Bank account is selected, the summary, entries, and scheduled entries for that account are available

Summary contains information about the account, the current balance as well as a description of the account.

Credit Card Accounts

Credit Card accounts work similarly to Bank accounts, but are recognized as having a credit limit (on the Summary), and as having a debt relationship to other accounts (for example if you make scheduled payments to a Credit Card account, when viewing these in charts and forecasting, the payments stop when the account no longer have a negative value)

Working with Accounts

Account List

Accounts are shown in the Account view, a list of grouped Accounts on the left hand side of the main view. Here you can select Accounts, add, and show hidden Accounts.

Creating an Account

You can create an Account simply by clicking the ‘Add’ button found above the list of accounts. You can create Bank and Credit Card accounts, as well as import additional account types if importing a QIF file from another product. Once you’ve given the Account a name and chosen a type, it is added and you can begin adding Entries in the Account.

Hiding an Account

If an Account is no longer active, the Account can be hidden. To do this select the Account, and choose the Summary, and choose Hide.

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