Entries track payments and deposits in an Account. Each entry has a date, some number value that may track a specific account detail of your choosing, a description, category, memo and a payment or deposit. If an Entry needs to be broken down into sub items, you can create breakdown of entries, that add up to the whole payment or deposit value. 

Working with Entries

Creating an Entry

To create an Entry select the desired Account, then the Entries view, and enter an Entry at the bottom of the list. Existing Entries can also be edited, simply by changing the existing values.

Entry Breakdown

If an Entry needs to be broken down into sub Categories and amounts, clicking ‘add’ in the Breakdown column is used. If breakdown details already exist, ‘edit’ will be the option in the Breakdown column.

Breakdown entries allow a payment or deposit to be subdivided into Categories, Memo and Amounts for each desired portion. For example one might enter income as a deposit, then use Breakdown to capture the tax and non-tax line items that identify elements of the income amount, allowing reporting and tracking Entries using more granular details.

Searching For Entries

To search for entries simply type in the search box for text you wish to find. To search for more complex entries, you can enter a field name to find entries that have a value (example ‘deposit’ or ‘payment’ shows only deposit or payments), or an amount or text.

You can also enter ‘category:<name>’ to filter by a specific category, for example category:auto to find entries you’ve categorized by auto (or any of its sub categories)

If the amount entered is negative, only looks at negative numbers ‘near’ the value provided. If the amount entered is positive, will show numbers ‘near’ the positive and negative value.

Hiding Cleared Entries

When reviewing your Entries against your external accounts you can hide cleared Entries. Doing so hides any Entries that have a cleared state, leaving only the non-Cleared Entries visible.

Swiping Left on an Entry

Swiping left on any Entry allows one to choose options for that Entry, Clearing, Un-clearing, Duplicating or Deleting an Entry.

Clearing an Entry

Clearing an Entry sets the Cleared state on an Entry, and if Cleared Entries are hidden it will be removed from view. If an Entry is already cleared then swiping will show ‘Unclearing’

Duplicating an Entry

Choosing duplicate on an Entry creates a duplicate, including any Breakdown values.

Deleting an Entry

Deleting an Entry removes that Entry. Once deleted the Entry cannot be restored (unless you have a backup).

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