Ancestral Release Notes

Release 1.1 (2022 July)

  • Features
    • Added ability to print visual tree, individual details and an individuals media (via File->Print menu)
    • Added ability to print list of individuals (via list options print button)
    • Improved model for adding individuals and relating them
    • Added ability to link individuals (in individual details)
  • Bugs
    • Fixed issue where relations are added to the tree and after viewing details goes back to original relations view
    • Fixed ability to change individuals sex indication

Release 1.0 (2022 June)

  • Features
    • Create, update and remove individuals and family information
    • Drag and Drop images to include in an individuals media
    • Import/Export GEDCOM files
    • Visualize ancestry, review individual information
    • Search for individual records by names and dates
    • Find how individuals are related
    • Utilizing your account, you can use your existing image information that you’ve stored in a family tree
    • Backup and Restore
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