Thoughts: Why do this?

Pet Walking in BearVelo

Having used a variety of cycling, walking and other activity applications on my phone, I had some ideas of what I liked, what I felt they were lacking and what I thought I would value in an application. I tabled the idea, working on other apps that would provide elements of the activity application, but…

Presentation Observations

I recently sat through a number of online presentations, that were bad enough that I felt it was worth sharing observations. First, don’t panic. I’m going to try hard to write about presenting better, but I don’t want anyone to fear presentations. Public speaking in all its forms can be scary and difficult, and I…

Lazy Developers

I write software for a variety of reasons, to learn something, the challenge, wanting to create value, and just to pay the bills. And sometimes I write software because I’m frustrated with existing tools, or lack of tools. There was a product I used for many many years, paying for updates and getting some value…

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