Thoughts: Why do this?

Lazy Developers

I write software for a variety of reasons, to learn something, the challenge, wanting to create value, and just to pay the bills. And sometimes I write software because I’m frustrated with existing tools, or lack of tools. There was a product I used for many many years, paying for updates and getting some value…

Why do we hate customers so much?

I don’t know of any organization that tries to make money, that doesn’t need customers. And yet so many organizations work very hard to ensure they don’t actually interact with their customers. Well, either they are so inept they don’t realize their interaction is so poor, or they actively ensure they don’t communicate with customers.…

Developing with Agility

For many organizations, and individuals, agile software development is just a process. I guess I first need to describe what I consider are the tenets of agile. Agile isn’t a process, scrum is a process, as is kanban. These processes are meant to create a set of actions that allow teams to organize their agile…

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