Thoughts: Why do this?

The slow death of search

I can’t speak for your experience, but more and more I find search (google in particular) to be far from useful. Very often I try to find various information, and search either leads me away from locations of value, or presents me with content that is unrelated. Why is this happening? Well there are many…

Pet Walking in BearVelo

Having used a variety of cycling, walking and other activity applications on my phone, I had some ideas of what I liked, what I felt they were lacking and what I thought I would value in an application. I tabled the idea, working on other apps that would provide elements of the activity application, but…

Presentation Observations

I recently sat through a number of online presentations, that were bad enough that I felt it was worth sharing observations. First, don’t panic. I’m going to try hard to write about presenting better, but I don’t want anyone to fear presentations. Public speaking in all its forms can be scary and difficult, and I…

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