Bankn Support

2022, September – Release 2.5.x (Release Notes)

The Bankn application provides a user with the ability to track payments and deposits in accounts.

The basic functionality provided allows a user to track new Accounts as well as import existing Account details using QIF files exported from other financial products, as well as ongoing transactions in QIF and QFX files.

A user can create and maintain accounts, create categories to organize account entries, create and maintain entries, create and select recommended scheduled entries, and monitor their Account transactions and balances.

Getting Started

New Users

User’s who are not importing data from an existing financial product will want to get started creating Accounts, Categories and recording Entries.

Importing Data

User’s who have used an existing financial product can export data from that product. Bankn can import files in the QIF format. 

After exporting, in Bankn choose File->Import and select the QIF file. After the file is selected Bankn will begin importing the data and creating Accounts, Categories and Entries as appropriate.