Bankn:Scheduled Entries

Working with Scheduled Entries

 Scheduled Entries allow tracking of reoccurring Entries, for projecting future Account balances. Scheduled Entries for all Accounts are accessible via Tools->Scheduled Entries menu.

 When you access the Scheduled Entries Bankn first examines Entries in the Accounts, and suggests any Entries that appear to be reoccurring but are not already recorded in existing Scheduled Entries. This is the list on the bottom and includes a suggestion of frequency based on the discovered Entries.

Swiping left on suggested Scheduled Entries allows it to be added (via the Add Scheduled Entry dialog) or ignored during the current usage of Scheduled Entries.

Creating a Scheduled Entry

Suggested Scheduled Entries can be added via swiping left on a suggested Scheduled Entry, or via the Add button above the existing Scheduled Entry list. This will bring up the Add Scheduled Entry dialog where the settings can be refined. 

Adding a Scheduled Entry is done by specifying an Account, Category, Description, an exact Amount with breakdown, or by averaging the Amount over the last n Entries. Once the Frequency is decided a Scheduled Entry day and month (or days) can be specified. In addition a Scheduled Entry can be set to occur only on business days (Monday thru Friday) and the Scheduled Entry date will be set to the first business day that occurs nearest to the selected day and month.

YearlyThe Scheduled Entry occurs once a year on the day and month specified (or nearest if business days selected)
Twice YearlyThe Scheduled Entry occurs twice a year, on the two days and months specified (or nearest)
QuarterlyThe Scheduled Entry occurs every 3 months from the day and month specified (or nearest)
MonthlyThe Scheduled Entry occurs every month on the day and month specified (or nearest)
Twice MonthlyThe Scheduled Entry occurs twice a month on the two days and months specified (or nearest)
BiWeeklyThe Scheduled Entry occurs every two weeks on the day and month specified (or nearest)
WeeklyThe Scheduled Entry occurs every week on the day of the week specified
DailyThe Scheduled Entry occurs every day
Scheduled Entry Frequencies

Deleting a Scheduled Entry

A Scheduled Entry can be deleted. In the list of Scheduled Entries swipe left on a Scheduled Entry, then choose delete.

Working with Scheduled Entries in an Account

Scheduled Entries for an Account are accessed by selecting the Account, then choosing Scheduled (on Bank Accounts only). When the Scheduled view is selected the projected Account balance for the next 31 days will be presented, as well as Scheduled Entries for the Account. 

If an Account has a Scheduled Entry that moves money into or out of the selected Account, these will be included in the list of Scheduled Entries as well (for example if you set up a transfer to your checking account from your savings account as a Scheduled Entry, these will be accounted for both in the Savings Account view and the Checking Account view)

Scheduled Entries in this view also allow for the swipe left gesture, allowing Scheduled Entries to be deleted.

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