BearVelo Release Notes (1.0-1.9)

Release 1.9 (2023 Aug)

  • Features
    • Added feature to compare and review recent weeks activities
    • Added ability to review release notes from the settings
    • Current activity view stays active even if no user interaction (so you can leave it open)
    • Provide image of type of activity in list, details views
  • Fixes
    • Fixed value calculations related to watching current activity speed and max speed (only occurred on current activity view)
    • Fixed current activity map and activity details map to address cases where location data may be invalid (minor rendering of line issues, now fixed)

Release 1.8 (2023 Aug)

  • Features
    • Added new activity types so users can record pet and child activities separate from walking or running in general
    • Added streak count and distance to main view trends
    • Added pace, best pace on activity details
    • Improved loading of activity details
    • Provide haptic feedback (vibrate) when heart rate monitor becomes connected
    • Adjusted calorie calculation, improved values when at low speeds (relative to activity type)
    • Improved connectivity for heart rate monitors
  • Fixes
    • Fixed dark mode display of chart on details view
    • Fixed chart bug, if very small data set could cause infinite loop (data under 8 seconds)

Release 1.7 (2023 July)

  • Features
    • Added support for heart rate monitors. If a heart rate monitor is paired with your device, the beats per minute (bpm) are shown on the main view, in your current activity, and in the results of your activity
    • Details of activity now include a chart of your speed during your activity, and if a heart rate monitor is present your bpm
    • Duration of activity (which included idle time) has been replaced with active time on the details view
  • Fixes
    • Fixed issue with tomorrow weather, improved layout and cases where the conditions reported would be off by an hour
    • Fixed average speed calculation, if activity ends with large amount of idle time average speed would be too high, this is now fixed

Release 1.6.1 (2023 July)

  • Fixes
    • Fixed bug, app would crash if weather tomorrow didn’t have any bad conditions

Release 1.6 (2023 July)

  • Features
    • Added initial weekly summary (total distance, longest, farthest)
    • Add hardest climb badge, hardest climb over 60 seconds (or closest)
    • Added legend on weather view
    • Expand map view automatically if the number of recorded activities is low
    • Use proper pins on current activity as well as completed activity
  • Fixes
    • Speed on main screen, current activity screen only updates if speed accuracy is satisfied
    • Time on charts showed noon incorrectly (12a), now shows as 12 or 12p
    • If a day’s weather has no bad information, multi-day weather report didn’t include the day (it does now)

Release 1.5 (2023 July)

  • Features
    • You can now share activity details
    • Improved weather projections
    • Improved layout of activity map information
    • Improved calorie calculations
    • Health Info now includes active energy (calories)
  • Fixes
    • Fixed cleanup issues in health info when toggling the type of activity

Release 1.4 (2023 July)

  • Features
    • Weather Check now includes a 7 day view
    • Flurries, sunshowers are now considered ok weather
    • Rain, snow and similar conditions now include precipitation amount (and are highlighted in the weather view)
    • Precipitation limit raised to 35% (35% and above are now considered cautionary conditions)
    • Basic calorie calculations are in place and in the details, and shared with the Apple Health App
    • Max grade is now visible

Release 1.3 (2023 July)

  • Features
    • Updated with visualization of best times for activities based on weather for today, tomorrow
    • Visual improvements around display of numerical values
    • Improved summary activity calculations, more accurate overall speed and altitude representations
  • Fixes
    • Fixed issue with Health information, if you change a workout type it would not have updated the related health information, it now does
    • Fixed memory usage issue when product is recording an activity and in the background

Release 1.2 (2023 June)

  • Fixes
    • Fixed memory issue when moving between views
    • Fixed crash bug if location data is saved before being populated

Release 1.1 (2023 June)

  • Enhancements
    • If undesirable weather is detected, show message and allow user to see undesirable weather for the day
    • Improved activity list layout, added location of activity
    • Improved altitude calculations
    • Added product version to settings view
    • Banner ads have been added
  • Fixes
    • Weather icon in dark mode wasn’t visible, it now is visible
    • Negative peak altitude showed to negative signs, now shows one
    • If activity is started and user doesn’t move, initial data could be recorded against prior activity, now records correctly
    • Possible crash when loading location map on an activity when restoring UI has been fixed

Release 1.0 (2023 June)

Initial Release. With this introductory release users can record an activity (recording speed, distance, time of day) and have this information shared as part of their Health Information. During the activity and after users can change the type of activity, which also updates recorded health information as appropriate.

Users also get initial feedback (badges) on their top three fastest, most distance and most climbed activities.