MTimr Release Notes

Release 1.8 (2021 Apr)

  • Issues Fixed
    • Fixed issue where stopping timer, then reopening app before timer would have expired can cause it to be restarted (from original point in time)

Release 1.7 (2021 Apr)

  • Enhancements
    • Don’t allow user to delete or edit a recipe/timer if it is ‘active’
  • Issues Fixed
    • Fixed issue running a multi timer and then editing (removing a step) could crash
    • Fixed issue with identifying correct notification and stopping it (if the app is killed and then restarted, stopping a timer didn’t stop the notification, now it does)
    • Fixed issue where running a timer would show all timers running
    • Fixed issue where ending a timer in a multi-timer and opening from notification wouldn’t show timer as running (but was)

Release 1.6 (2021 Mar)

  • Enhancements
    • Redesign of layout. Creating an alarm is now a separate screen, to allow users to see a larger list of recipes (especially useful on phones).
    • Increased size of play button
    • Improved field layout (better alignment and overall spacing).
    • Changed from full screen ads to banner ads (still allow purchase to remove ads)

Release 1.5 (2021 Feb)

  • Enhancements
    • Added support for AppTracking Transparency, allowing users to opt out of tracking
    • Rebuilt with latest compiler
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