MTimr Support

2020, August – Release 1.0

MTimr uses local notifications to notify you when the timers you’ve created have completed.

The basic functionality provided allows the user to create grouped timers, specifying the length and number of timers, and then track the running of those timers and receive notifications when they have completed.

There are two sections to this release, described top down. 

The topmost or first section provides the list of existing timers, allowing the user to scroll through the set. In addition the user can make modifications to the timers, providing a name for timer groups and individual timers, start a timer group, stop running timers, and remove timers.

The next or second section provides a way for the user to specify hours, minutes and seconds in a timer. In addition to the time the user can specify the number of times a specific timer should repeat. Finally the user can add a timer to the select group, start a new group, clear their setting and see the value they have chosen.