Whethr Support

2020, July – Release 1.8

The Whethr application uses the users location or the location provided via the search bar to provide the user with location based weather.

The basic functionality provided gathers the users current location (if allowed) only when you open or click on the location icon, goes out to the web to get weather information for that location, and then provides this information to you in a visible format.

Alternatively you can provide a location (zipcode or city-state) in the search bar, which then determines the location latitude and longitude and uses this information to provide weather details for that location.

There are four sections, described top down. 

The topmost or first section provides a current summary of the provided location.

The next or second section provides a graphic summary of night/day time weather via graphic icons. If the weather information gathered indicates some percentage chance related to the weather, and it is below 50%, then that amount is displayed below the icon.

The third section provides an hourly summary of the weather, indicating the hour, the graphic summary, the temperature and finally the windspeed and direction.

The final and fourth section provides the user with the ability to refresh to the current location via the graphic icon, or enter a location via the search bar.

If the user is using a small format device such as an iPhone, using landscape mode provides additional details about the days weather, including sunrise and sunset.