Ancestral Support

Release Notes

Ancestral provides a user with the ability to record genealogy records, allowing them to visualize and gain understanding of how individuals are related, as well as review related information based on the recorded data.

The basic functionality provided allows a user to record their genealogy, as well as import existing genealogical records using GEDCOM files exported from other products.

Users can create and maintain individual records, create family records, as well as search for related individuals and families.

Getting Started

New Users

User’s who are not importing data from a GEDCOM file will want to get started understanding UI Elements, then creating Individuals and Families.

Importing Data

User’s who have used an existing genealogy product can export data from that product. Ancestral can import files in the GEDCOM format. Refer to the documentation in your product for instructions on exporting a GEDCOM file.

After exporting, in Ancestral choose File->Import and select the GEDCOM file. After the file is selected Ancestral will begin importing the data and creating Individuals and Families as appropriate.

NOTE: This can take several minutes depending on the size of the GEDCOM file. In addition to parsing the file and building the information about Individuals and Families, Ancestral is also (where possible) parsing date values and determining if they contain actual dates, so they can be properly recorded.

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