Why do this?

Well one might ask why do anything, but that’s a post for another day.

Personally, I started writing software in my childhood, starting out just copying other people’s software as games to play, then expanding that to trying to write my own versions of existing games (still haven’t finished my version of monopoly I started writing). From there I then started writing software to solve problems in college, and then as writing software became my job, the software I wrote outside of work was to understand how other software works. These days, software I write outside of work is to fill needs I myself had that didn’t exist or was not worth paying high costs to get from others.

I can also say that a personal goal is to create software that is sustaining for me. I work for a corporation today that pays me to make software for them, but that comes with its own rules and restrictions, and doesn’t provide the creative outlet that software has always been for me. I’d much rather find a way to write software that others want to use that was developed with my beliefs.

This site is just my current exploration as to how I might do that.

Many years ago I had my own software company, a few years on my own, a year or two with others, but ultimately it didn’t have enough momentum to generate enough income, and was in a different software world than today.

Then there was a scramble for customers, with a much more personal focus on relationships and finding people who had a need (while trying to pay the bills). It was rewarding and restricting at the same time.

Today the customers are different, and my software focus is different. I won’t say it is easier to find customers, or easy to find customers who want to pay, but it is easier to enter markets. So I’m “dabbling”. Exploring products and ideas in a new development environment (the Apple product family) and seeing if I can create products that others find useful.

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