Presentation Observations

I recently sat through a number of online presentations, that were bad enough that I felt it was worth sharing observations. First, don’t panic. I’m going to try hard to write about presenting better, but I don’t want anyone to fear presentations. Public speaking in all its forms can be scary and difficult, and IContinue reading “Presentation Observations”

Why do we hate customers so much?

I don’t know of any organization that tries to make money, that doesn’t need customers. And yet so many organizations work very hard to ensure they don’t actually interact with their customers. Well, either they are so inept they don’t realize their interaction is so poor, or they actively ensure they don’t communicate with customers.Continue reading “Why do we hate customers so much?”

Developing with Agility

For many organizations, and individuals, agile software development is just a process. I guess I first need to describe what I consider are the tenets of agile. Agile isn’t a process, scrum is a process, as is kanban. These processes are meant to create a set of actions that allow teams to organize their agileContinue reading “Developing with Agility”

Kitchen Sink Software

Many years ago, before the start of mobile devices, there was a movement away from desktop computers to network computers. At the time I worked for a large corporation, which committed to develop software for these new devices. As part of this movement they shifted large development teams to build software, and many years ofContinue reading “Kitchen Sink Software”

Constraints bring freedom

I don’t know about you, but there is something special about experiences that change your outlook on the world, and these experiences come in many forms. Sometimes they are subtle, and you only realize the bigger impact much later. For me one of these experiences was reading “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” byContinue reading “Constraints bring freedom”

Sure it looks nice, but inside its just a jumble of wires

I’m a believer in the Apple esthetic. That is I believe Apple products are well thought out, and they put effort into design and user experience that no other software or computer company does well. Yes there are other good companies and good products, there are certainly more clever products, but I believe as aContinue reading “Sure it looks nice, but inside its just a jumble of wires”

App:QRecordr (development lifecycle)

This was the first application for an iPhone I wrote. It started as a simple idea, I wanted to understand the basics of writing an app (in Swift), going through the Apple publishing cycle, and see how things then appeared on the App Store. The overall goal was not to write a specific application, butContinue reading “App:QRecordr (development lifecycle)”

Search Engine (and large entity) Failures

I find google search (honestly, I infrequently use any other, so while I think these comments apply to search in general, my experience is with google) more and more to be ineffective yet an essential starting point to getting things done on the internet. I’m an avid cyclist, and it’s mid season here, so I’mContinue reading “Search Engine (and large entity) Failures”