Kitchen Sink Software

Many years ago, before the start of mobile devices, there was a movement away from desktop computers to network computers. At the time I worked for a large corporation, which committed to develop software for these new devices. As part of this movement they shifted large development teams to build software, and many years ofContinue reading “Kitchen Sink Software”

Sure it looks nice, but inside its just a jumble of wires

I’m a believer in the Apple esthetic. That is I believe Apple products are well thought out, and they put effort into design and user experience that no other software or computer company does well. Yes there are other good companies and good products, there are certainly more clever products, but I believe as aContinue reading “Sure it looks nice, but inside its just a jumble of wires”

Search Engine (and large entity) Failures

I find google search (honestly, I infrequently use any other, so while I think these comments apply to search in general, my experience is with google) more and more to be ineffective yet an essential starting point to getting things done on the internet. I’m an avid cyclist, and it’s mid season here, so I’mContinue reading “Search Engine (and large entity) Failures”